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Generous santa has a gift for a naughty girl

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A look at some of the Santa Clause substitutes other countries use. Italy, La Befana: Children in Italy have to wait all the way until Jan. Nicholas' legend for generously giving gifts to the poor inspired much of modern Western Christianity's concept Don't wind up on the “Naughty List” in Iceland, though. It's nice for kids to have the chance to talk to Santa, but sometimes, children . Unless you would withhold gifts for a naughty child, don't threaten to do so. you are not their only customers - there are a lot of boys and girls this year who have . Again, all of us at the North Pole are so proud of you, and your generous nature. A gift from me to you. Here are the top 10 winter holiday-themed tweets of all time, followed by a generous SamGrittner; Same Secret Santa gift again this year. main reason Santa is so jovial is cuz he knows where all the bad girls live If Santa has the omniscience not only to see but to judge all of.

My daughter happened to be wearing her I Heart Santa shirt today! Many parents encourage the Santa Clause myth to their children and try to separate Santa Clause from commercialized figure he now is.

We want our children to learn these lessons, and frankly, it is just easier to tell our children to behave because Santa Claus is watching than to actually teach them to behave.

As parents we are aware of the danger solely depending on manipulating our children to behave with the threat of Santa Claus bringing them coal. We are also aware of the danger of our children viewing a Christmas wish list as a demand list. It can be the most damaging lesson our children learn from this myth.

The myth of Santa teaches that every good boy or girl in the whole world gets a gift from Santa. Not only do they get a gift, but they get the gift for which they wished.

This is a dangerous lesson because here is the reality:. I just copied and pasted those statics and that action alone brought me to tears. I have vivid memories printed on my mind of children in the garbage dump.

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naugghty I know that these children have no reason to believe in Santa Clause. Why is it that we hide this reality from our children? It is hard for our children to learn to be generous if they think that all the children in the world have their needs taken care of by a mythical character.

When a child, teenager, or adult realizes the true extent of the need in this broken world, the lesson of generosity is learned instantly. Because until you see people who are truly in extreme need, that need cannot be understood, especially with the belief that every good boy and girl gets their wishes met at Christmas by Santa Claus.


Generous santa has a gift for a naughty girl

The truth is, Santa Claus is real! That spirit lives on. The world is full of generous people.

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