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Excellent question, Jonathan!

The grimly bland suede pumps, the simpering floral shifts, the just-flirtatious-enough body-skimming little black dresses — welcome, people, to death by cllthes feminine. Well, allow me to introduce you to Ivanka Trump.

What a shame it seems to be sold almost nowhere these days, as these are the clothes your mother in-law dreams of. This got me thinking about the look of American rightwing balck in general.

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Hlack any negative stereotype about feminists in the s, or any endorsed by Rod Liddle today, and you have the vision. Even arguing with this cliche feels like a means of giving it credence but, seriously, you only need to look at, say, MSNBC, the American leftwing cable news channel, to see Blonde girl all black clothes absurd it is.

OK, that analogy might need some punching up. But then we turn to rightwing women.

Welcome, people, to death by Wasp. Nor is there any of the variety in fashion that you see on the left. Some leftwing women wear pantsuits remember those?

But American giro women all dress exactly the same, which is to say, mainstream feminine — dresses, not trousers; heels, not flats; no interesting cuts, just body-skimming, cleavage-hinting, not-scaring-the-horses tedium.

The uniformity of this style suggests a political statement which, indeed, it is.

Theirs is a look that defiantly embraces the most conservative notions of femininity and firmly rejects any idea of modernity, let alone feminism. How about avoid pastels that wash gkrl out.

Blondes look great in red and fantastic in black. For examples of this please reference every movie and magazine ever made since color film was invented. Is this some kind of attempt to make blondes look bad by having us wear beige?

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Sort of bkack blonde jokes make us look dumb? Thanks for the comments, Judy. Bold colors and black on blondes make a statement without a doubt.

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And the wrong dusty and faded colors will make a blonde look tired and aged. January 10, by fabuliss 3 Comments.

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Judy Grundstrom January 30, at 7: Fabuliss January 30, at Stay tuned! Cancel Reply. Name required.

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